Project Description


The client needed a process to promote their company online and build brand consistency across all media. Their website needed major improvement and SEO. Social media profiles were incomplete or non-existent. Also, they needed to come up with a process to generate motivated seller leads and cash buyers.


Their brand was not properly defined, their existing website did not reflect their brand and its content was outdated and was not capturing any leads. They did not have a lead generation process structured and needed to define processes for the different markets.


The primary goal was to drive lead generation for both cash buyers and motivated sellers. We completely redesigned their website, included call to action forms to capture leads. Created new web content and improved social media profiles to reflect their brand identity.

Created digital branding material to share on social media on a daily basis, structure a marketing plan that covered weekly content creation to share on social media, registered the business with major online directories.

Created collateral for their direct mail campaign. Email marketing templates and other branded elements. Additionally, we created and documented marketing processes to use as standard practice within the company as well as explainer videos for staff training.


  • Website visitor count increased. Page views also have a steady increase each month.
  • Social media generated new website visitors over a period of 6 months.
  • Instagram company page increased follower engagement.
  • The new marketing processes are being used as training tools by their employees resulting in more productive work structure.
  • SEO

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Marketing